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Sweet Tales of Kaitou Saint Tail

Kaitou Saint Tail is a bishouju story by MEGUMI TACHIKAWA about a girl who uses her magic powers to steal for the bad, and give it back to the good people...

Meimi Haneoka, unlike any others, is a descendent of her father, a Magician, and her mother, a phanton Thief... (kaitou). Meimi goes to a Catholic School called "Saint Paulia" and is friends with a sister-in-practice in "Saint Paulia Church", Seira Mimori, who tells Meimi real stories that other people have told Seira to ask God to help them out in. Later at night, Meimi will transform as Saint Tail, and uses her magical power to help the people out... Meimi is in love with Asuka Jr., a Boy whose father is a police/detective, but Asuka Jr. wants to capture Saint Tail. He has NO idea that Meimi would be Saint Tail, while the story goes on, he feel in love with Meimi, and has alittle liking in Saint Tail too! He gets a lot of hints and tips that Meimi was Saint Tail, but doesn't truely know until the end of the story.

Every single episode is about Meimi transforming as Saint Tail to steal from bad, and giving back to the Good! *^_^* Asuka Jr. likes Meimi more and more each day (hey, you can tell!) Asuka Jr. is always jealous of other boys that's too nice to Meimi, and so does Meimi... Meimi is jealous of other girls that gets alittle too close to Asuka!

In the last few episodes, Asuka Jr. sorta confesses his love to Meimi... In the meantime, the worst enemy of Meimi's Mother, Rosemary, and her daugther, Pearl, appears... and opened a FORTUNE TELLING Shoppe... Meimi and Asuka goes there together (sorta like a date *^_^*)... and had their fortune told. Little does Meimi knows that the fortune teller would use her power to confuse Meimi and forces Meimi to tell everything about her, and her secret identity Saint Tail! ^^; Later, Asuka Jr. was captured by the fortune tellers..

Meimi fights in her LAST battle against Rosemary to rescue Asuka Jr. out in the castle (I don't know who's castle it was, but it sure looks nice)... but while she was fighting against Pearl, her hair band falls down while Asuka Jr. was watching in the other room with a magic mirror... Angerly, Asuka Jr. breaks the mirror deeply hurt and was crying while he thinks about the memories of Meimi. Meimi won the fight with the daughter of the enemy... and continue his search for Asuka Jr. St. Tail fights Rosemary, and won... She found Asuka Jr. in the top of the tower of the castle while flying on her magical balloons, their eyes met, and suddenly he slipped, and fell... Meimi uses her magical powers, and saved Asuka Jr. but fell herself... they both fell to the bottom of the castle, but wasn't hurt because of the magical balloons Meimi used to save him before. Meimi was crying and apologized for not telling Asuka Jr. that she was Saint Tail all along... but Asuka Jr. forgave her because he likes her.

7 Years later, Seira became a REAL sister, and Asuka Jr. proposed to Meimi... (I think they got married after that*^_^*)

Special Thanks to Florence for telling me the names of the fortune tellers!!

That's the End of the Story! ~^_^~

If you have any questions, or comments, please e-mail me, and tell me ^_^~!

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